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Indigenous remedies

Indigenous Remedies started back in 2004 with their famous Indigenous Remedies Hair and Body Butter, Black Soap Shampoo, and Herbal Remedies. In 2007, they began teaching the first installment of their course Herbal Mysteries. Due to the demand to learn more this turned into a three-part series that also included Herbal Science in the Kitchen and Origins of Medicinal Plants. In 2010, Indigenous Remedies created their first ever, I.R.I.E. Herbal Certification Program. In addition to the Herbal Certification Program, there is also the Women’s Herbal Intensive, Children’s Earth Keeper’s Camp, and a host of mini workshops and classes.

Since then Indigenous Remedies has taught over 5000 students worldwide via all of their programs. To add to their courses, they have also helped to bridge other businesses through their Holistic Health Series. These series allow for other experts to teach classes on the Indigenous Remedies Platform. Indigenous Remedies has also increased their audience via their online conferences, including the Become the Earth You Walk On Online Conference and the Soul of a Woman Online Power Summit.

The Indigenous Remedies Promise

As a company, we feel we have a strong responsibility that goes beyond the brand.

Our promise to families– We believe that every household should have at least one member who facilitates in the healing of the rest of the family. This is a natural ability. The goal of our programs, services, and products is to enhance that ability in order to bring balance throughout the entire family.

Our promise to communities– As members of the community, we aim to bring people together in the name of health and wellness. This means helping others fulfill their passions, create businesses, and job opportunities. We are also dedicated to helping to sustain the collective business community by partnering up with other companies to provide extended education opportunities.

Our promise to our students– Through our programs, we are committed to providing quality education that students can be proud to be a part of. As a company, we are constantly evolving with new information. Therefore, students will have access to the most updated information and resources in plant medicine and holistic sciences

Our promise to Mother Nature and Indigenous Knowledge– Indigenous Remedies promises to uphold the sacred knowledge of our ancestors and the ancestors of others. We also promise to promote the preservation of Mother Nature and her inhabitants.

Dr. Turtle, Master Herbalist, Gardner, and Energy Healer

Dr. Turtle, Owner of Indigenous Remedies, is a Master Herbalist, Gardner, and energy healer. His education to the plant kingdom came at an early age from both his maternal and paternal grandfathers. It was at that time that he found a deep connection to Mother Nature and her inhabitants.  Dr. Turtle has certified numerous students in herbal therapy, has taught children’s camps, and has spoken tirelessly, spreading the importance of health and herbal therapy. Through his herbal consultations, Dr. Turtle has assisted in helping clients restore their health with such concerns as cancer, diabetes, and hormonal imbalance. Dr. Turtle is committed to teaching individuals how to take health and healing into their own hands.

Dr. Turtle’s Training:

Herbal therapy and Gardening: Ancestral wisdom from both his paternal and maternal grandfathers

2005-2006 Reiki Training 

Cerina Wyre, D.D.