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1) Research our website, attend a Student Orientation (link to the events page).
2) Upon deciding that the course is right for you, complete our Student Application (link to the student application). Acceptance can take up to 7 business days.
3) Purchase your course and sign the student agreement. Note: The student agreement only applies to Herbal Certification Students.
4) Download a copy of the Welcome Packet
5) Create your student log in.
6) Self-study students can begin learning at any time. Instructor led students will receive log information for the virtual class, as well as instructor info. Both will have access to curriculums and test via the www.irherbs.com website.

It is important to note that herbalism is a lifelong learning process. Our goal is to provide a firm foundation for your journey. Your journey with us will depend on the course that you choose to take. Please refer to the course descriptions regarding the time commitment (link to the course page).

At this time, there is no official regulation for herbal training or therapy in the United States. There are certain ethical practices that herbalists should adhere to for legal purposes. We teach this portion in our I.R.I.E. Herbal Certification Program. Before taking this course, we strongly suggest that students research the laws and guidelines in their state for herbal and holistic health or alternative health practices.

We understand that this program is not for everyone. We also understand that everyone is not meant to be an herbalist. In the event an individual decides to withdrawal from the program, please notify us via email at info@irherbs.com. In the event a student needs to cease studies for a period of time, we do have an official ‘student leave of absence’ as outlined in our Policies and Procedures.

Coming soon.

Because of the time that is put into creating course material, there will be no refunds on classes that have been paid for and if links are sent to access the course. If students are on a payment plan and the decision has to withdrawal, an email would need to be sent to info@irherbs.com. At that time, credit/debit cards set up on recurring payments will deleted. More information on this is outlined in the Student Agreement and in the Policies and Procedures. (Links to both). Please note: This information pertains to courses provided by Indigenous Remedies. Policies and Procedures for courses offered in Holistic Health Series are at the discretion of the partnering instructor.

Online instructor led are for students who feel like they need a bit more structure with their learning. There is a learning schedule that the instructors will go by. Self-study, students will have the freedom to learn at their own pace. Both will have access to study sessions, online platforms, videos and other resources.

The cost for both paths of study are the same.

Study session with our top instructors will be available for all paths of learning. Students can also join in on our monthly calls dedicated to learning all about herbs. The Herbalist Lounge conference call is the first Monday of every month. (link to events page).

All of your curriculums will be accessible to you on our website after you create your student log in. We have a list of suggested reading as well as list of supplies that will be beneficial to your practice. Most of the books and supplies can be obtained at a very reasonable price.

Yes, there is a passing grade for our programs and courses. We do not believe in putting students out there to practice if they tests indicate that the information is not being retained. For the students who do not pass the I.R.I.E. Herbal Certification Program, a certificate of completion will be given, but students will not receive the title of Community Centered Herbalist. However, students will have the opportunity to study for another chance at the final exam. For the Women’s Herbal Intensive students, please speak to your instructor.

Indigenous Remedies does not guarantee job placement after completing any of our programs and/or courses. Our programs and courses are specifically designed for home use and those looking to start a business, or add to an existing holistic practice.

Students who complete the I.R.I.E. Herbal Certification Program successfully will receive the title of Community Centered Herbalist. This means that students have completed the required course of study to safely and confidently suggest and prepare herbs for various health ailments. For students who go through the Women’s Herbal Intensive, a certificate of completion in Herbal Therapy for Women’s Health and Wellness. This means that students will be able to safely suggest and prepare herbs for women’s health and wellness.