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Thyme and Space: An Astro-Herb Blog Series

Welcome to Thyme and Space, an Astro-Herb blog series. This is the first of a five part series that will introduce you to the beautiful connection between plant life and astrology.¬† Every astrological sign is a Sun sign. It is probably the astrological symbol that we are most familiar with because it corresponds to your date of birth. Also, it is one of the few planets that we can see with the naked eye. Your sun sign is also…

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Save big on courses and programs all weekend long!!!

Become an Herb Nerd in 2019! It’s the our BIGGEST SALE of the YEAR! We are preparing for 2019 and we want you to join us. Therefore, we are discounting our courses and programs from now until Monday. No matter which program you choose, you can save big on tuition. I.R.I.E. Herbal Certification Program- Save 40% on the tuition price Women’s Herbal Intensive- Save $100 on tuition price Keepers of the Womb- Emotional Wellness Facilitator Training- Save $100 on…

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Herb Nerd Alert: New Course for 2018!!

                            We are happy to announce that Indigenous Remedies will offer a BRAND NEW COURSE for 2018!!! This offering, entitled, Understanding the Active Ingredients of Plants, is designed for advanced herbalists (through our program or others). This online training will provide a deeper understanding of the chemical compounds in plants. Through this course, herbalists will be able to confidently breakdown all of the properties of plants,…

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Turtle Power Hour: Herbal questions answered with Dr. Turtle

Do you have a holistic health and/or herbal therapy question that you would like to have answered? Are you interested in how herbal therapy can assist with your overall well being? If so, join Master Herbalist and Holistic Practitioner, Dr. Turtle for an hour of health and wellness. Get all of your questions answered concerning health and wellness and how everyday plants can help to heal. You also have the opportunity to learn about upcoming herb courses and programs…

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The Rooted Herbal Subscription Box

We are proud to be in association with the Rooted Herbal Subscription Box. This amazing subscription allows users to become acquainted with various herbs and herbal therapies. Here’s how it works: The subscription process is easy! Each month users will get 2 pre-made herbal formulations or products, 2-3 bags of loose herbs for diy preparation, seeds for planting, recipes, instructions, education, monthly discussions about the contents and the season and access to private discussion page to share and ask…

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Winter Wellness- Honey, Onion, Ginger Cough Syrup

By Blog Contributor, Asia Amanzi I routinely use this recipe (or variations of it) to maintain wellness or soothing a threatening sore throat. There are many ways to make this and many substitutions can be used. My basic recipe contains a spicy element such as ginger or horse radish, a strong antibacterial element that makes illness run such as onion, garlic, or thyme, and a sweet element such as honey.

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Herb Nerds Unite!

We are so happy to announce that the next offering for our online, I.R.I.E Herbal Certification Program goes LIVE on January 16, 2017. You don’t want to miss the opportunity of a life time to learn from Master Herbalist, Dr. Turtle. This 6 (+) month program has so much to offer. As a student, you will receive one on one training and support, flexible payment options, and up to date herbal information and knowledge. This is an online learning…

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Herb Nerd Student Orientation- January 7th

Are you ready to become a Community Centered Herbalist, but you want to learn more about the I.R.I.E. Herbal Certification Program? Join us Saturday, January 7th at 10:00 am CST as discuss: -The Indigenous Remedies history and philosophy -What to expect with the program -Testimonials from staff and students -The various pathways to learning -More information on some of our other courses Login info: https://www.anymeeting.com/005-385-269 Dial in info: 213-416-1560 access code: 443 576 127#

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Join Aremisa Hailey for the EMPOWERED MAMA LIVE Virtual Summit

  Our very own Aremisa Hailey will be speaking at Empowered Momma Live Virtual Summit, airing October 5th-November 1st. Listen to her interview and over 20 other speakers about how to get back your mojo after having your baby and thrive as a new mom! Get your free front row seat using this link: http://cathyospina.com/empoweredmommalive/ What: Empowered Momma Live: Expert Secrets on how to¬†naturally elevate mood after childbirth, get back your mojo, and thrive as a new mom! Topic:…

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The Inspired Womb 6-Week Coaching Experience

Join Aremisa Hailey for an amazing journey into healing and purpose. Learn how to create a special place to move past the challenges of life into a your greatness. This is a six week, intimate group coaching, facilitated by Womb Coaching Specialist, Aremisa Hailey. For the next 6 weeks, participants will meet via conference call. The only thing needed is an open mind, open heart, and commitment to the process. Week 1: Honoring where you are Week 2: Releasing…

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