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Herb Nerd Scholarship Fund

Our Vision

Indigenous Remedies is an educational resource for herbal health and holistic sciences. We have been teaching herbal certification programs and classes since 2007. We have been blessed to educate thousands of students and children worldwide. Our programs and classes include:

  • I.R.I.E. Herbal Certification Program
  • Women’s Herbal Intensive
  • Crystal Healing Certification Program
  • Womb Healing Yoga Classes
  • Earth Keepers Children’s Camp

We have also hosted events such as the Become the Earth You Walk On- Online Summit and the Soul of a Woman Online Power Summit.

Our Mission

Indigenous Remedies is committed to offering quality, up to date, training in herbal therapy and holistic sciences while honoring the traditions of indigenous medicinal and holistic practices. We also strive to provide affordable education to our students. Our students walk away from our courses and programs with the much-needed confidence and knowledge to pursue their own goals as practitioners.

Our Goal

We are proud to have a 90% student graduation rate among our certification programs. We have found that finances make up a huge part of the reason many students do not complete the program. We also know from speaking with prospective students that finances keep also keep them from enrolling. Many of our students are single parents and are often transitioning from employment to self-employment or have a desire to do so. Having more scholarship opportunities for our students will enable them to fulfill their passion for herbal health and wellness without the financial worry.

This scholarship opportunity will not only benefit our online learners. We also hope to extend this opportunity to our Children’s Earth Keepers Camp. Indigenous Remedies is dedicated to sharing herbal therapy, plant medicine, and gardening with children between the ages of 6-13. We want every child to be able to benefit from the lessons that Mother Nature has to offer.

Our Hope

With your help, we can help bring awareness to the beauty and wonder of Mother Earth and all of her amazing gifts. By educating from Mother Nature’s Medicine Cabinet, we hope to create an energy of preservation. The hope is that through our efforts, more people will understand the sacredness of the earth. We all need to come together to heal not only ourselves but the damage that has been done to our planet. Join us in our efforts. Your donation is greatly appreciated. Thank you!


***All proceeds go directly to Indigenous Remedies to maintain the operations of our educational programs.