Thyme and Space: An Astro-Herb Blog Series- Rice

Welcome to Thyme and Space, an Astro-Herb blog series. This is the second of a five part series that will introduce you to the beautiful connection between plant life and astrology.

Recap: In the first blog we discussed how every astrological sign is a sun sign and that each sun sign has an element that it represents. These elements include Fire, Water, Air and Earth. In our second blog post of the series we will continue to focus on the Sun yet this time we will give attention to the element of air.

Not all Sun signs are Air signs. As an example, the sun sign of Libra has an element of air while the sun sign of Pisces has a water element. Both are sun signs yet leverage different core competencies. I like to think of air as breath. Not enough of it can have you saying one thing yet meaning another (Gemini), giving just the right amount of air can help you maintain balance (Libra) and giving too much air can have you uprooting everything in your path (Aquarius). Depending upon the circumstance, each situation requires a different degree of breath therefore air.

Oryza Sativa

One of the most common staples feeding almost half of humanity is oryza sativa – yep you guessed it, RICE. It has been a key herbal ingredient for many of us, showing up as a side dish and in many cases a star. Just imagine jambalaya, gumbo and fried rice without it. It would be akin to imagining breathing without air. Impossible.

Rice has a sun planet and air element. This means that it is beneficial to every sun sign because it clears the air so that you think more clearly. In actuality, it helps to remove contradictions. It is up to you to decide whether or not you need a cool breeze, a resuscitating breath or a tornado.

Contradictions consist of opposing statements and dynamics. Each and every one of us regardless of astrological sign encounters this at one time or another. If you ask a Gemini, they would wonder whether or not they communicated enough. Ask a Libra and they would wonder if they chose right. And if you ask an Aquarian, they would question whether or not they knew it all after all. As you can see, this is the air sign predicament.

Air signs rule the 3rd, 7th and 11 houses of astrology. These three houses are all about relationships. Relationships to our brethren, one on one relationships and community relationships. What we know about relationships is that they come with energetics and in many cases these energies can cloud our judgements. This is where rice comes in.

Oryza sativa can help to remove excesses whether that be excess emotions, excess pressure or excess paralysis. Once you remove those excesses, you’ll find that you’re able to think more freely. This is actually what air means in astrology, it’s the understanding of duality without the need to suffocate the spirit.

In modern day society, we consistently see the removal of rice from our diets. I would ask you to think about what that could mean in your life. If you remove what clears the air is it possible to have clean air or thoughts? I’d say, probably not. Oryza sativa, gets a bad rap these days but maybe just maybe it’s because there are other forces at play.

With that said, if your thoughts are cloudy, grab a small bowl of rice.  If you are having communication issues, a bowl of rice can get your mind clear in order to say what needs to be said. When struggling with one on one decisions, rice can help you to see your own perspective so that you can make a choice that you can stand by. And, if you’re struggling with finding the right path, this little herb can help lead you in the best direction. In the words of oryza sativa, we can help you clear the air. Breath in. Breath out.

Bio: Kaye Bee is an astrologer with over 20 years of experience connecting the dots. She is available for astrology chart readings by contacting,; and facebook @thepetitpaquet