Thyme and Space: An Astro-Herb Blog Series

Welcome to Thyme and Space, an Astro-Herb blog series. This is the first of a five part series that will introduce you to the beautiful connection between plant life and astrology. 

Every astrological sign is a Sun sign. It is probably the astrological symbol that we are most familiar with because it corresponds to your date of birth. Also, it is one of the few planets that we can see with the naked eye. Your sun sign is also what most of us call the zodiac sign.

We are all born at different times and the sun is in different parts of the universe at your time of birth. For example, you can have an Aries Sun sign while your soul mate has a Capricorn Sun sign. Based upon this basic description you can see that both are sun signs yet have different characteristics. In addition, each sun sign has an element that it represents. These elements are Fire, Water, Air and Earth.

Not all sun signs are fire signs. For example, the sun sign of Aries is a fire element while the Sun sign of Capricorn is an earth element. Within the context of this blog post it’s important to note that although there are many herbs that have sun sign planetary associations not all of those herbs will have a fire element. In astrology, fire represents motivation, drive, will power, removal of obstacles and moving forward against all odds. It can be as driven as a ram, as protective as a lion and as truth seeking as a centaur.


Most of us are familiar with the herb rosemary. Just in case you’re not it has the following properties – antidepressant, antioxidant, antirheumatic, antiseptic, carminative, cerebral tonic and expectorant. Due to these properties we know that it helps to reduce a build up of invasive agents. 

From an astrology perspective Rosemary is a representative of the Sun and has the characteristics of a fire element. What this means to the everyday practitioner is that Rosemary will help you clear out the sector of your life that needs clearing. It will basically burn away anything that needs clearing so that we can start anew.

In astrology there are 12 houses and each house represents a sector of your life. These houses remain in the same position within our natal charts (Western Astrology) even if the house is occupied by a different astrological sign. Ex: you have a 1st house Aries while I have a 1st house Capricorn. Therefore, same house yet different occupants.

Since our herb of the day is Rosemary we should know that it is usually planted in the front of the home. It is my opinion that an astrological reasoning for this is that it can clear you of any negative energies that you may have picked up throughout the course of your day. We often hear that you never want to take your work home…the same can be said of bringing negative energies home. You don’t want to do it.

The 4th house in astrology represents the home. This can be your physical home as well as your body which contains your chakras (sacred alignment). I believe that Rosemary when used to rid you of negative vibrational energies can be very powerful because it uses the sun and fire. For example, if you’ve had a tough day at work and you’ve carried tension from others with you, spray a little rosemary mist to clear your aura before entering into your home. If you don’t have mist then pinch off a little piece of the rosemary bush in front of your doorway before entering. These are actionable initiatives that represent Aries a fellow fire sign and ruler of the 1st house. This same approach can also be leveraged when confronting creative blocks because the house of creativity is ruled by Leo, a fire element and coincidently the sign that is ruled by the sun.

I am of the opinion that Rosemary, isn’t just the name of my aunt…it’s actually a secret ingredient that isn’t so secret…shhhh. 


Kaye Bee is an astrologer with over 20 years of experience connecting the dots. She is available for astrology chart readings by contacting; and facebook @thepetitpaquet

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