Winter Wellness- Honey, Onion, Ginger Cough Syrup

By Blog Contributor, Asia Amanzi

I routinely use this recipe (or variations of it) to maintain wellness or soothing a threatening sore throat.

There are many ways to make this and many substitutions can be used. My basic recipe contains a spicy element such as ginger or horse radish, a strong antibacterial element that makes illness run such as onion, garlic, or thyme, and a sweet element such as honey.

I rarely measure, but for the sake of blogging, I’ll usually get close to the following recipe:

gingeronionhoney-1-2 thumb-sized knobs of ginger.

-1/4 of a large onion

-Enough honey to cover

If you are opposed to heating honey, I suggest using enough water to cover the garlic and ginger to boil and then combining the strained broth with honey after cooling. Keep in mind that this will shorten the shelf life to 1-2 weeks.

In addition to just taking a spoonful as needed, I add it to spaghetti sauce or other dishes that come to mind.

Drink to wellness and enjoy this winter!

Asia is a Student Liaison and Instructor for Indigenous Remedies. She is also one of the hosts of the Herbalist’s Lounge, a monthly chat for the deep down herb nerd. Her blog can be found at You can also find her handmade, herbal body care at

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